Chili Con Comedy (Engelstalig)

Chili Con Comedy (Engelstalig)

Eindhoven's finest english language improv group is back to Pand P!
Performing with the carnaval theme in mind, it will be some of the funniest improvised comedy around. 
Watch as the performers battle their way through a series of games and challenges proposed by the uncompromising host 
to show why they've got the reputation as some of the funniest performers in the Netherlands.

Such is the nature of improvised comedy, no two shows are the same and the players make everything up on the spot. 
Suggestions from the audience fuel the shenanigans that take place on the stage, creating bizarre and hilarious circumstances from which the play is derived.
Come find out why people keep coming back to Chili Con Comedy for a guaranteed evening of hilarity! 

Tickets en informatie

6,- at door


16-03-201920:30 uur